The Dilemma:

To Emigrate or Stay and the Perilous Voyage to America Circa 1900

Presented by author Mark Hehl

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About the Webinar

Much has been documented about the experiences of southern Italian immigrants after they arrived in North America during the mass migration period from 1880 to 1920. There is less information available about the agonizing decision to leave everything behind and venture into the unknown. Mark Hehl, the author of the book An Immigrant’s Dilemma, will take us back to this time and explore the factors that caused these individuals to make this agonizing decision. He will also provide insight into what it was like crossing the Atlantic aboard steerage class for these immigrants, as some of these were our ancestors.

About Mark Hehl

Mark Hehl is an engineer, consultant, and public speaker. He is the author of the books: An Immigrant’s Dilemma, Amusing Confessions of an International Consultant and the soon to be released book Ameri-SiculaSicilian Culture in America.  Mark is a keynote speaker at various worldwide locations and has been a frequent guest on national public radio. He is the son of a Sicilian-American mother and spent his early years around his Sicilian relatives.

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